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The Prop Trading is the fastest growing and the most innovative player in the Prop Firm industry

Since 2020 The Prop Trading has strived to bring professional trading services to the global financial markets. Leveraging the best of the team’s years of experience in Trading along with the power of Proprietary Firm Funding, The Prop Trading empowers thousands of people to harness the value behind their trading skills, shaping a new, better trading network.

As of May 2022:

  • 25.309  Total users
  • 16.557  Free Trial Accounts
  • 2810 Funded Traders
  • Traders from 54 jurisdictions


TPT is committed to regularly solving inefficiencies in the financial markets by creating innovative, stimulating, and sustainable funding program. By harnessing the potential behind the financial markets and funding, TPT is pioneering a new trading system.


We foresee a future for trading where all markets and instruments are easily reachable, and people have alternative ways to access and manage funds. At The Prop Trading, we always believe the markets must be available to everyone to endeavour and one’s lack of wealth should never be a deterrent to success.


The Prop Trading’s values are embedded in inclusivity, transparency, and excellence. This is reflected in our automated services, transparent processes, and our continuous efforts to develop a worldwide network that makes wealth creation opportunities available to everyone.