Evaluation Program and Funded Phase Rules and Trading Parameters from 05/09/2021

Thank you for considering The Prop Trading your choice of Prop Firm.

In order to trade a funded account all traders are required to pass our Evaluation Program.

Simply select your preferred account size and sign-up for the Evaluation Program on www.theproptrading.com.au.                                  

After completing the program, you will be offered a funded account.

The Evaluation Program consists of a two-step process where you trade on a demo account on Metatrader 5, and you are required to reach the profit target without violating the trading rules in order to progress to the next step. You will receive your account parameters including profit target and loss limits according to the account size you have chosen.  

What is the Program duration?

Our evaluation program is divided into two steps:

Step 1 traders have 30 calendar days to reach the profit targets and proceed to next step. If the profit target in step 1 is reached before the 30 days, the trader may proceed to the next phase.

Step 2, traders have 60 calendar days to reach the profit target. If the profit target is reached before the 60 days, the trader will become eligible for a funded account.

We offer 3 account sizes: 50K, 100K and 200K. The account size is the amount of available balance to trade on the account. Your will be trading the same account balance for Evaluation step 1 and 2 and funded accounts.

Please check our scaling plan.

Leverage for all account sizes is 1:200

From 0.5 Pips

No Commission

No brokerage Fees


There are no minimum trading days during the Evaluation Program.

You can proceed to step 2 as soon as you have completed the Evaluation Program step 1.  After that, you can proceed to the Funded phase as soon as you have completed step 2. Traders are no longer required to trade at least 10 days on each step of the program.

We offer a free trial where you can trade under the same conditions as the real Evaluation for 14 days, and it is completely free. We encourage traders to familiarise themselves with the MT5 trading platform and put their skills to the test before applying for the real Evaluation Program.

Please note, your free trial account is not eligible for a funded account and neither will we consider your results performed on external trading platforms.  

To request your Free Trial Account: https://theproptrading.com.au/my-account

Your Evaluation Program starts when you place the first trade.

If you need to start trading after 30 days from your purchase date, please contact support@theproptrading.com.au


You can purchase and trade multiple Evaluation Programs at the same time independently. Once you pass the Evaluation Programs and start trading the Funded phase you can merge the accounts into one up to 500K.

Please see trade copiers and EA’s.


You can trade news release. There are no restrictions or disqualifying rules regarding trading outside market hours or holding (*) over-the-weekend positions.

(*) You are not allowed to trade or hold Cryptocurrencies over-the-weekend.                                                                                                                 9:00 pm Friday, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) to 9:00 pm Sunday, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

See Violations.

No. We are a Proprietary Trading Company. 

We use BRK HOLDINGS (“The Brokers Capital”), has received 5 stars review from our traders in ultra-low spreads, no commission and fast execution. Feel free to request a free trial account and try the platform.

Free Trial Account Registration: https://theproptrading.com.au/my-account.

No. We are responsible for the funding and liable for the losses in your trading account. Our traders will not be charged as a result of losing trades.

There is no specific timeframe to become a successful trader. We understand the importance of theoretical knowledge, but it is equally beneficial to put your expertise into practice. Trading professionally is a continuous learning career since the market is always evolving.

If you are confident with your strategy and consistent with your results we encourage you to apply.

EAs are allowed. You may use EAs (Expert Advisors) that you setup to suit your own strategy or trading style.

Please see Copy Trading.


Trade copier is allowed from your own external account to one of our TPT Evaluation Program or Funded accounts. You cannot place the same trades manually or via copier on two or more accounts. After you pass Evaluation, you can merge up to 500K into one account.

 The official date and time are provided on your MT5 trading platform and easily accessible on “Market Watch”(CTRL+M).   12:00 am Eastern European Summer Time (EEST) = 9:00 pm, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Please check your time zone.

If you have not violated the trading parameters on step 1, and your account equity is not below the initial balance after completing the 30 calendar days, you may be entitled to 2 Evaluation retries after the initial attempt free of charge. If your account meets the criteria, you will receive an email with account retry login details after you complete the 30 calendar days.

If your account is not eligible for a retry, you may apply again for another Evaluation Program account.

If you have violated the trading parameters on step 1, your account will be eligible for an account reset at a discounted price. You can request an account reset for 7 days after the violation via simply pressing the account reset button that will be available on your trading dashboard.

Most Forex pair trading hours are 24 hours per day during the week. The market officially opens on Monday morning at 8 am AEST, local time in Sydney, Australia and closes on Friday afternoon at 4pm GMT-5, local time in New York. Check your local time zone.

Indices CFDs trading hours vary depending on the market you are trading. 

Crypto CFDs follows Forex trading hours.

The Evaluation fee you paid for the account you completed the program is fully refundable when you receive the first payout. We refund through the same payment method you used to make the purchase.

Please check our refund policy.

Please refer to the list of instruments allowed to trade, including over 50 Forex pairs, Metals, the top 10 Indices CFDs and the main Cryptos CFDs on MT5 platform. Please be advised that our broker may provide a variety of instruments on the platform, however, when trading Evaluation or Funded accounts you are not allowed to trade instruments except for the ones listed below.

See Violations 

Profit Target is the trading objective. If profit target is reached on your account balance after all positions are closed, you are offered a funded account.

Step 1: Reach 8% profit target within 30 calendar days without violating any rules and trading parameters.

Step 2: Reach 5% profit target within 60 calendar days without violating any rules and trading parameters.

Traders are entitled to 80% of the profit share resulting from your trading activities. You may deal with your tax responsibilities on your own place of residence.

Once you complete the Evaluation Programs and start trading the Funded accounts you can merge your accounts into one of up to 500K.

There is no limit to how much you can grow your account using the Scaling Plan and profits accumulated. We do not limit profitable traders, in fact we support your growth.

Max daily loss is based on 5% of the Initial account balance calculated by subtracting it from the account equity when the account resets. For instance, on a 200K Account the max daily loss is fixed $10.000.  

Example using an $200,000 account:

Your daily loss is $10,000 and today you have already made $2,000 profit, so you only hit the daily loss if you lose $12,000 today.

The account equity must not hit/exceed the max daily loss throughout the day including unrealized positions any time during a 24-hour cycle. The starting point for the calculation of max daily limit is the reset time.

Account Size




Max Daily loss




The official time is provided on your MT5 trading platform and easily accessible on “Market Watch” (CTRL+M). At 12:00AM (midnight) Eastern European Summer Time (EEST). Please check your time zone.


The maximum drawdown allowed in your account during the Evaluation Program is 10%.

Example using a $200,000 account. Max total loss is 10% of your initial balance = $20,000.

If you already have a profit of $ 10,000 accumulated during the trading period, you will only reach the max total loss if you accumulate a $ 30,000 loss.

Account Size




Max Total loss




Your account equity including unrealized/floating positions must not hit/exceed below 90% of your initial balance at any given time. 

Congratulations! You will be notified via email about the completion of the Program. The email will contain important information on how to produce the Trader Agreement and submit it to us along with your Proof of Identity and Proof of Address documents. The process has been designed to provide a great and fast experience; however, we encourage you to read the instructions carefully to avoid delays in processing the funded account.

Our Evaluation Program is run on a Metatrader5 demo account with live market data.

The Funded accounts are also on Metatrader5 demo, linked to our live corporate account via cutting-edge technology that copies your trades and enables us to capitalize on your ability to make profits.

Spreads from 0.5 Pip

No brokerage fees, no commissions.

During the Evaluation Program you can trade the maximum position size allowed by the margin available on your trading platform.

Max lot size exposure per instrument

The temporary max lot exposure per instrument is only applicable to funded accounts for the initial 3 months after the first trade is placed.

Examples, according to account size:


50k Account

2.5 lot exposure per instrument


100k Account

5.0 lot exposure per instrument


200k Account

10 lot exposure per instrument


Please note, you can still trade your max lot exposure with multiple instruments.

For example, on 200K account you can open multiple 10 lots per instrument simultaneously such as 10 XAUUSD, 10 EURUSD, 10 USDJPY and 10 NAS100 or any other instrument/pair of your preference.

  • 3 months after you placed the first trade on a funded account, you may request an account review for the max lot exposure per instrument to be removed directly on our website on “My Account” https://theproptrading.com.au/my-account/

The swap free account is now available. If you wish to apply, please make a “swap free” account request after purchase when you receive your login details via email to support@theproptrading.com.au. The broker will charge a small commission on swap free accounts only.

Withdrawal will be available every month on the day you place your first trade, also known as your account anniversary date and this will be displayed on your dashboard under Profit Share tab. For example, if you place your first trade on the 5th of August, your first withdrawal is on the 5th of September and every 5th of the month thereafter.

To be eligible for a payout on funded accounts, your account balance must be above initial account balance, no violations recorded, you must have completed 10 minimum trading days and on your account anniversary day all positions must be flat. Once the eligibility is met, the withdrawal button will be enabled on your dashboard for a period of 24 hours from 12AM EST on your account anniversary date. Please check your local time zone. Simply click on the button and follow the prompts

You do not need to stop trading. After confirming you have requested a withdrawal, the profit will be deducted from your MT5 account. Instructions on how to invoice us for your share and the available payment options will be sent to you via email.

Please note, If you choose not to withdraw your 80% Profit share The Prop Trading will also maintain our 20% profit share in your trading account for growth.

If your account does not meet the eligibility criteria on the account anniversary date or if you miss the cut off time for withdrawal request, the balance will be automatically rolled over into the next monthly cycle.

Accounts are reviewed for extra capital allocation every 3 months.

Your account equity must increase 6% in three consecutive months, or average monthly growth of 2%, and at least 2 out of these 3 months your account must close in profit.

To take advantage of our scaling plan and be eligible for a 25% extra capital allocation, the current account balance must not be below the initial balance when the review is conducted, and no withdrawals were made during the 3-month period. After you get the 25% extra capital allocation, you may withdraw the previously earned profits and start over a new 3-month cycle for a new scaling plan.

All account parameters, such as loss limits will be adjusted on the same proportion to reflect the capital growth.

The Prop Trading will refrain from withdrawing our 20% share If you choose not to withdraw your 80% share and help your account to grow more exponentially.

We offer payout via bank wire and PayPal. Cryptos (coming soon).

As an industry standard, if an account breaches the rules or trading parameters on the Evaluation Program the account will become no longer eligible for funding. If your account breaches the rules or trading parameters on the funded phase your account will be closed, and the Trader Agreement terminated. Please be advised that some violations are not automatically identified and will only be verified by our risk team when an account review is conducted.

For any further information please send us an email: support@theproptrading.com.au

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