Biweekly withdrawals will be available after you receive your first withdrawal. Your first withdrawal will be available 30 days after you started trading and the “next withdrawal date” will be displayed on your dashboard under Profit Share tab.

To be eligible for your withdrawal:

Account balance must be above the initial account balance, no violations identified, completed 10 minimum trading days and prior to making a request all positions must be flat. For Biweekly payouts, the same criteria applies but only 5 minimum trading days.

Once eligible, the Withdrawal button will be enabled on your Dashboard, for a period of 24 hours from 12AM Server Time. Please check your time zone. Once you click on the button the profits will be deducted from your MT5 account and you will receive an email with the Instructions on how to invoice us and the available payment options. You do not need to stop trading. After requested, you are required to submit the invoice in 7 days from your withdrawal request.

*If your account does not meet the eligibility criteria on the account withdrawal date or if you miss the cut off time for withdrawal request, the balance will be automatically rolled over into the next cycle. If we do not receive a valid invoice within 7 days from your withdrawal request, the profits will be automatically rolled over into the new account created.

*If you choose not to withdraw your 80% Profit share The Prop Trading will also maintain our 20% profit share in your trading account for growth.